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Kids Still Say the Darndest Things

Kids Still Say the Darndest Things

I have always been a big fan of the silly things that come out of children’s mouths. I may or may not ask my cousins questions about life and love just to hear their six-year-old contemplations. With this said, I am obviously obsessed with the joke Jimmy Kimmel had his viewers play on their children. Similar to his Halloween candy trick, Jimmy asked his viewers to give their children a terrible early Christmas present and upload their reaction to YouTube.

Although some may view this as cruel, I think it is pure genius and a definite must watch. The terrible presents video is full of silly reactions from children who are so incredibly upset about their disappointing gifts. The parents were fully committed to distributing awful gifts, among them being an onion, an old banana, an egg, and an uncooked hotdog.

The best reaction came from the sweetest little blonde who was given a half-eaten peanut butter & jelly sandwich. When the little girl looks disappointed her mom states “But I thought you loved my cooking?” to which the child replies “I love your cooking when you cook dinners and stuff, like hot pockets or Buffalo wings.” Priceless. The video also has an unexpected ending consisting of a little boy giving a “ball-busting” (and crude) message to Jimmy for having his parents play the joke. Let’s just say, I hope my child never has a mouth like this little one…kids say the darndest things, all right!

Posted by Karen