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Killer Makeup

Killer Makeup

Listen up ladies!  According to Oprah’s resident doc, Mehmet Oz, certain aspects of your beauty ritual could be making you sick. In his report, Oz asserted that the chemicals in makeup not only trigger health ailments, but may also be carcinogenic.

The first culprit: mineral makeup. Though these products may give you a flawless glow on the outside, they are wreaking havoc on your insides. When applying mineral makeup, tiny particles of mineral powder fall quickly through the air and can be easily inhaled. Over time, the powder builds up, leading to inflammation and scarring of the lungs and potential lung disease.

Um, hold the phone. I thought mineral makeup was supposed to be organic, a.k.a. worry-free? Shame on me for being so naïve, I suppose. Dr. Oz warns that natural, hypoallergenic and organic products can be just as toxic as their chemical-laden counterparts, particularly as there are no FDA guidelines for these terms in the cosmetics industry.

Another prime suspect in the toxic beauty department: lip gloss. The alluring shine lip gloss provides should come with a disclaimer — may cause cancer. Many of these products contain petroleum jelly, a byproduct of oil drilling. Spread this on your smacker and you end up ingesting a significant amount, about 7 pounds over a decade to be exact. Why not just chug gasoline? Scientists are currently investigating whether the petroleum in lip gloss is linked to breast cancer.

Beauty products expose us to roughly 126 chemicals per year, many of which have not been thoroughly tested. What’s more, cosmetic companies are only required to list the intended ingredients of their merchandise, not the hazardous byproducts acquired during manufacturing.

What’s a girl to do? Fortunately, the good doctor offered up some healthy alternatives, so as not to be a complete downer by 3 p.m. Follow these tips if you’re not ready to go au naturale:

  • For a similar effect to mineral makeup, choose a liquid-based foundation with shimmer and a cream blush or bronzer. If you just can’t kick your powder habit, apply it near an open window.
  • Avoid any lip gloss that lists petroleum jelly or mineral oil as an ingredient. Go for glosses that look more like lip stick and steer clear of any with “plumping” capabilities. To ensure safety, wear glosses made from beeswax. Save the petroleum-based products for special occasions, or throw them out entirely.

Posted by Abby