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Kiss It – All Access Style

Kiss It – All Access Style

When I was 16, my life goal was to work in the Music Industry. I was completely intrigued by the whole scene – promotions, A&R, development… I wanted to be a part of that world. But then I got rejected from NYU and went to Syracuse to study Television Production instead…so be it.

Then on Sunday, May 17, I attended Kiss Concert 2009 as an “Assistant” to the amazing Marc Deley – a twenty-something, phenom-photographer who’s based in Boston. I was given full backstage access and was able to finally experience a concert as I had dreamed about when I was a kid.

Kiss Concert is a little more like a circus than a one-act show – there are 15 acts, and every single performer has to spend time in the Artist Lounge. What does this entail? About a half hour of face-time with fans, radio DJs, and photographers. First, get on camera for Kiss 108 and film some promos for the website. Next, take about 40 photos with screaming, giddy, pre-teen fans who have been waiting impatiently for about 20 minutes. Next stop – the autograph table. Sign some posters and a few guitars while the photographers take some up-close and personal flash photography of your face and hands. After that, head over to the leather couch to record some radio promos and give about a ten minute interview for the live broadcast. (Side note – my favorite question of the day? Billy Costa to Ashley Tisdale on her High School Musical fame, “Do you get like, a free pass to Disney World for life?”) After the radio interviews, a quick stint with Kiss 108’s “Fashion Blogger.”

Finally, finally, make your last stop at my station – the portrait wall. Again, some stand-out moments: one of the Black Eyed Peas mistakes me for one of his record execs, makes faces at me, then apologizes. Discussing shoes with Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny from Gossip Girl), getting a sweaty hug from Akon, watching the White Tie Affair take crazy photos (see above), and of course, taking my “prom photo” with Jesse McCartney. (See my facebook page for details.)

It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. From watching the All American Rejects in the audio booth with an exec from Interscope, to eating bananas with all the photographers, to getting stuck in a screaming crowd of girls trying to rush Jesse McCartney on stage – I loved every minute of my experience. I don’t know how I’ll be able to attend another concert without an All Access pass. From now on, it’s backstage or bust!!!

Posted by Julie