Kittehroulette: It’s Like Chatroulette with Training Wheels

You’ve heard about Chatroulette. You’ve heard people recount their Chatroulette experiences. You’ve had aspirations of trying Chatroulette, but just can’t stomach the guaranteed awkwardness, at least not without copious amounts of alcohol. Enter Kittehroulette, a furrier spin on the original that will make you say “Awwww” rather than “Eeeewww!!” With each click you’re greeted by an adorable cat video, so there’s no threat of stumbling upon a naked guy or heavy-breathing weirdo. Unlike its penis-laden counterpart, Kittehroulette is all pussy, all the time. Okay, an immature joke, but true nonetheless.

I’m a sucker for cute cat pictures and videos (ICanHazCheezburger? Bueller? Bueller?), so I have a feeling this site is soon to become my new online addiction.

Posted by Abby

Posted By: marketingmarlo

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