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Krazy Glue’s Krazy Christmas Tree

Krazy Glue’s Krazy Christmas Tree

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‘Tis the season to decorate your tree! Some prefer tinsel, angels and handcrafted baubles. Others? An LED television.

Yes, you heard that right. This year, Krazy Glue is the latest and greatest company to come up with a clever marketing campaign that’s lighting up the night and its competition. Determined to prove to consumers the strength of their glue, they used the product to hang several enormous gifts — like a wooden sled and a ping pong table — from a 25 foot tall Christmas tree in NYC’s Liberty Plaza. They even adorned the top of the tree with the letter “K” for Krazy Glue. It’s worth mentioning that the company, who claims they didn’t cheat in anyway, used exactly two drops of Krazy Glue for each product. Two drops people! Wowza.

The tree, which has been well received by passersby and marketers alike, is a great example of a publicity stunt that is not only memorable but also effectively conveys the brand’s message in an innovative and engaging way. After checking out this impressive feat, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if hordes of people added Krazy Glue to their gift lists. OK maybe not…but still, this is an idea I can get stuck on (pun intended)!

Posted by Anne.