Ladies’ Night: The Backlash

Last week a psychotic contrarian (aka anti-feminist lawyer Roy Den Hollander) lost his lawsuit against NYC bars for gender discrimination on “Ladies’ Night.” While the ruling means that midweek boozing for female lushes (and the creepy dudes who cruise the chick-heavy bar scene) is safe for now, is it really cause to throw back a cosmo with the girls all in the name of women’s lib?

Think of the premise behind “Ladies’ Night.” Women are lured to a bar with promises of no cover and free/discounted drinks. Men then come to scout out the slowest gazelle in the slightly intoxicated, semi-desperate herd of single women. It’s as if Ladies’ Night was specifically designed for the laziest, cheapest dudes out there. And this is something we want to not only encourage, but have protected by the courts? Hardly!

The next time you’re out at a Ladies’ Night (and I can’t really say that any bar who hosts one of these things is a bar worth going to, but hey…), take a look around. Is it really worth a few free drinks to be ogled by a bunch of cheap, lazy bastards? No watered-down vodka soda — no matter how cheap — is worth that kind of humiliation.

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