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We all know Lady Gaga has forever influenced fashion, music and overall pop culture, but have we finally taken it a step too far?  A New York Times article from earlier this month introduced us to the latest fashion fad of GaGa: anime-style contact lenses.

No stranger to the bizarre and provocative, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video had more than a few trend-setters but it’s her larger-than-life doe eyes in the bathtub scene that are captivatingly creepy. You almost want to look away at such an oddity, but her pure creative genius locks you in. Although apparently computer generated, Lady GaGa’s eyes have fired up a storm of inspired lenses. Originally from Asia, these special contact lenses, known as circle lenses, have gone mainstream.

Circle lenses make the eyes appear much larger than they really are, as they cover not only the iris, but also part of the whites. While it’s illegal in the States to sell any lenses, corrective or cosmetic, without a prescription, online sellers are making them widely accessible for consumers here to buy. Not yet approved by the FDA, many optometrists warn users that they’re risking permanent damage by hopping on this new beauty fad.

Ready to try a new-non-approved-FDA-possible-dangerous-risky beauty trend? Yeah, maybe not quite yet…probably best to just stick with your PBR can-rollers.

Posted by Shaina