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‘Last Week Tonight’ – All Day, Everyday

‘Last Week Tonight’ – All Day, Everyday

Taking a page right out of my own ‘silver linings playbook’ here, one of the only bright spots (yes, I’m taking serious liberties with that term, I know) of the 2016 election and this *sigh* presidency, is that it makes for delicious late-night talk show fodder.

While Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers are always doing the damn thing and are longtime staples of laugh-until-you’re-no-longer-crying television, I need to drop some serious m.props on the other guy who completes my funnyman trifecta – Emmy-winning writer, John Oliver.

I must admit that I was very unfashionably late to hop on the Oliver bandwagon, but now that I’m all aboard, I can’t get enough. The irreverent and affable Brit offers a whip-smart take on the news that’s as educational as it is hysterical. Sometimes, there really is nothing better than an effortless blend of humor and intelligence.

On his satirical and brilliant show, ‘Last Week Tonight’, Oliver gives viewers a unique perspective on the happenings around the globe, and no surprise here, focuses a great deal of time and attention on a certain billionaire-turned-POTUS. He engages his audience not only with jokes and a lot of foul language (hey, it’s HBO, after all) but also pushes them towards activism and inspires a ‘so, get off your ass and do something about it’ proactive attitude.

After taking a long holiday hiatus (but not until he bid adieu to the past year with a hilarious ‘F You, 2016!’ montage), Oliver is back in our living rooms every Sunday night. If you’re not already a loyal fan, I encourage you to check it out. You’ll LOL and have a few ‘The More You Know’ lightbulb moments, as well.

One of my favorite Oliver segments is from several months ago, when the host was recapping and rehashing the 2016 Republican National Convention. While the material, as we know, was endless due to a myriad of entertaining speeches at the event, Oliver still found his own angle with which to approach the commentary. He gave such a refreshing and educational spiel on ‘feelings vs. facts’ and the increasingly often blurred line between the two, especially in the realms of politics and ‘fake news.’

Watch, enjoy and have a *mind exploding* epiphany moment:

Bravo, Johnny boy, for being a comedic remedy for the Sunday (and well, every day?) Scaries.


Posted by Ilana