The Latest from Bachelor Nation: Full Bodied…Wine

If I’m being honest, I’m a pretty big fan of almost anything ABC dreams up and deems part of the ever-growing “Bachelor Nation.” The Bachelor and Bachelorette are obvious homeruns and even Bachelor in Paradise can keep me entertained for an entire season. That being said, I’m no oenophile, but I’m definitely a little skeptical of the latest synergistic venture: Bachelor Wines











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According to the website, the “dramatic collection of wines were crafted to take you on your own romantic journey as you experience every moment of love, every moment of heartbreak that is THE BACHELOR.” The collection features three different varietals with charming names like “The Fantasy Suite” (Cabernet Sauvignon), “One on One” (Chardonnay) and naturally, “The Final Rose” (Rosé, duh!).

I’m filing this one away under things I love to hate, because while the chances any of these wines are drinkable are similar to one’s odds of finding love on the show, I secretly want to stock up for Season 21.


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