Laughing is Happiness

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I know I’m biased, but in my opinion, Asian kids are the cutest. Like, THE absolute cutest. I can’t even handle it. I know it’s also because whenever I see an Asian boy, it reminds me of my baby brother…who is actually now 20 years old; yikes.

Apparently China has a talent show on TV, much like our “American’s Got Talent,” called “Amazing Chinese.” But theirs is way better, mostly because famed martial artist Jet Li is a judge. Amazing indeed.

They also recently featured a contestant named Zhang Junhao, a 3 year old boy with phenomenal dance moves that you NEED to watch. The judges were blown away, partially from his charisma and poise, but mostly because the kid can seriously get his groove on.

Sure he’s got sick moves – but it’s his sweet demeanor that really got me (there may have been tears involved on my end). After his performance, (fast forward to 7:35) the judges asked him why he likes to dance. He responded:

“When I dance, my mom laughs. My mom says laughing is happiness.”

When asked, “What is your dream?” Junhao said:

“My dream is to make people happy, because I’m happy. Are you happy?”

Needless to say, he got three thumbs up from the judges, a standing ovation, and basically stole my heart.

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