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I’ll Have a Gin & Tonic and a Small Tide Detergent

I’ll Have a Gin & Tonic and a Small Tide Detergent

A few years ago, a friend of mine thought she had come up with her $1 million dollar idea; the one that was so ground-breaking and amazing that it was going to change the world and make her enough money so that she could retire by the age of 30.

Her idea was to open a Laundromat with an adjoining full-service bar. The idea was ingenious. People stuck in a Laundromat were the perfect captive audience for overpriced drinks. She even had a half-baked business plan that targeted college campuses for possible locations.

The catch? Her idea of a Laundromat/Bar wasn’t exactly original. Apparently, they’re all over the country in exotic locations like Columbus and Charleston, with catchy hipster names like Dirty Dungarees and Dirty Laundry.

So, why not Boston? This city’s teeming with dirty kids looking to get hammered (I’m looking at you, Allston).

Perhaps we have the city’s absurdly puritanical laws to blame, like the one that’s preventing the McDonald’s at Harvard and Comm. Ave. from staying open ‘til 2 a.m. Or maybe one of those crazy Blue Laws dictates that “the folding and sorting of soiled items cannot and shall not be performed within 20 yards of an establishment that serves alcohol.”

Either way, someone with some start-up capital should hop on this boozin’ laundryfest before it’s too late. For the sake of hipsters everywhere — who will only launder their skinnies once per month, and only then in the company of a six-pack of PBR — we need the Laundromat/Bar.

Posted by Amelia