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Law And Order: Kardashian Unit

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Law And Order: Kardashian Unit

Image Source: CNBC

Here’s a gentle reminder that the Kardashian family’s original claim to fame was not that viral adult video featuring Ray J and Kim K but actually Robert Kardashian, Kim’s father, working on the defense side for OJ Simpson during the murder trial of Nicole Simpson. It appears that the passion for criminal justice runs in the family because Kim Kardashian West has decided to take the California State Bar Exam in 2022.

Okay, I was a little skeptical at first, too, but this is actually pretty legit.

Kim was Vogue’s May 2019 cover (nbd) and in her featured interview she revealed that she has been studying and apprenticing with a San Francisco based law firm for the past year. So, will Kim K be rolling up to Harvard Law in a porshe and chihuahua by her side, Elle Woods style? Eh, not quite. California is one of four states in the country that allows prospective lawyers to skip the lectures and instead opt to apprentice with an established law firm full time for four years. Kardashian West must pass the first-year law student’s exam, submit progress reports, and ultimately pass the California State Bar Exam in order to receive her license of attorney.

Kim Kardashian West was originally inspired to study law when she acted as an advocate on behalf of a woman who was sentenced to life in prison for a non-violent drug offense. Swaying our current president to revoke this intense punishment, Kardashian West felt she could be doing more if she knew more and so…she is!

Say what you want about the Kardashian Empire but this might be one expenditure benefiting the greater good of humanity and not just cosmetics, so kudos to you, Kim!

Posted by Molly