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Less Selfies, More Music

Less Selfies, More Music

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Everyone who is an avid reader knows that I am a hater of the narcissistic selfie. They are the absolute worst. Nothing makes me cringe more in discomfort than seeing someone smiling at themselves in their own camera. Self-obsessed much? Not only do selfies promote this inward obsession of purposefully posing to make yourself look good (seriously, stop trying so hard people), but they cause people to shut out the outside world and live in their phone.

^^You may look good in your selfie stick, but to me you look like a tool…

When I first heard that selfie sticks were banned at Coachella I regained a little faith in my generation for the first time in a long time. While I am guilty of capturing a video or two at shows, I’ve never had a Snapchat that lasted more than 25 seconds. I know this is weird guys, but I actually like to enjoy the music at shows. I’m a freak, I know.

My New Year’s resolution this year was to be in the moment more and while I still struggle with it, my life has been changed for the better these past couple of months. At parties and the bar when my friends are posing and snapping away to make sure their digital presence is perfect, I try to step away and enjoy the present moment in the real world and I applaud Coachella for encouraging others to do the same.














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While Coachella lists “selfie sticks/narsisstics” under it’s “no” column of rules and regulations, it lists “dancing shoes and smiles” under its “yes” column. Imagine if we all traded in our selfie sticks for dancing shoes and smiles?! I think I just figured out the solution to world peace…

Living life in the real world is hard enough, but constantly stressing about your image in the digital world makes it that much tougher. Thank you Coachella for encouraging people to take a moment to let loose, dance and enjoy the moment, because when you look back at your life in your book of memories, that’s the only selfie that will matter.

Posted by Christina