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Let’s Get Cultured!

Let’s Get Cultured!

Boston is, without question, a city for students. Off-price admissions and dollar drafts abound, providing undergrads with an arsenal of options for leisure and entertainment on their freshman-year fixed incomes.

However, these days, students are by no means the only ones seeking out freebies and discounts – we’re all turning into little recessionistas. In this spirit, my friend from New England Conservatory (NEC) invited me to a Master Class hosted by NEC and Celebrity Series of Boston.  A world-class, performance-style practice session – free and open to the public!

The class was led by Norway’s superstar pianist, Leif Ove Andsnes, celebrated throughout the classical music world. One of his most attention-getting stunts was choppering in a grand piano for a mountain-top performance of Ballade to Edvard Grieg in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Three exceptional students – one only 15 years old – were chosen to perform alongside the virtuoso and receive one-on-one training from the master to develop their skill. To my untrained ears, their performances were perfect to begin with, but the improvement after just 10 minutes working alongside Andsnes was immediately apparent – an incredible learning process to witness firsthand.

Lucky for all of us living in and around Boston, even when forced to cut back on certain luxuries, we can still live large by filling our schedules with incredible events and performances that barely cost a dime. Plus, after your free concert, you can easily justify splurging on an overpriced brunch!

New England Conservatory’s upcoming schedule of free concerts

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