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Let’s Talk Tech Germs marlo marketing let's talk about tech germs

Let’s Talk Tech Germs

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Here’s a super fun fact – 16% of cell phones were found to have poop on them. I’ll admit that, more often than not, I’m physically touching my cellphone most of the time. Whether it be my cell, work phone, computer, remote control – technology is a constant in my life and also a part of my job! However, unlike washing our hair or changing our bed sheets, no one talks about how filthy our devices are or how to clean them. I bet if you looked right now, you’d be able to see exactly what I’m talking about (finger smudges, food crumbs, dust mites, etc). It’s real and really gross.

Another fun fact: Keyboards are five times dirtier than a toilet seat. I’m inherently OCD, so I’ve definitely been irked out before and tried wiping down my things with a Windex-soaked paper towel. It just got my phone and keyboard wet and it didn’t seem to get the job done. So, I’ll let everyone in on my newly discovered solution – get yourself a pack of Well-Kept wipes. Keep them on your person or in your drawer at work. Designed specifically for electronics, they sanitize in a split second and leave your device dry and streak-free. It also doesn’t hurt that the packaging is really cute and stylish. Another added benefit to being tech-germ-free is healthier skin — I saw a huge difference in my skin, specifically my left cheek where I hold my phone up to my ear, within a week of de-germing.

So, sorry for grossing you out, but also, you’re welcome!

Posted by Abby