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Life Lessons From Sesame Street

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Life Lessons From Sesame Street

Image Source: @SesameStreet

Like many people, I grew up learning the ABCs, 123s and more with Big Bird, Grover, Elmo and the rest of the muppets on Sesame Street. There’s a reason the show has been around so long – it not only teaches children colors, words and other curriculum in an entertaining manner, but it also teaches children compassion, how to cope with complicated situations, the importance of accepting others’ differences and many more big life lessons.

In 2017, the show introduced a muppet with autism named Julia. Julia’s introduction to the show was intended to give autistic children a character they could really identify with, while teaching other children to be accepting and inclusive of people who are on the spectrum.

Sesame Street is continuing its tradition of tackling real-world issues that affect kids with another character. Lily is a seven-year-old muppet whose family lost their home. With more than 2.5 million homeless children across the country, Sesame Street is making Lily the face of its initiative to address homelessness and let children affected by homelessness know that they are not alone.

Lily also serves as a reminder to the rest of us who are more fortunate that we all can be more compassionate to those in our communities who are without a home. We are never too old to pick up a lesson or two from our friends on Sesame Street!

Posted by Sylvie