Lions, and Tigers and… Hippos – Oh My!

“Man Swallowed by Hippo.” When I saw this headline, I thought, either this is from The Onion or there’s going to be some sort of belated April Fool’s joke at the bottom of the article, making me feel like an idiot for reading the whole thing.

But no, this legitimately happened, and the man lived to tell the tale. Sure, he wasn’t actually swallowed whole in some sort of Pinocchio and the whale scenario, but the guy was definitely almost digested. The “huge tusks and slicing incisors” also didn’t make things easier for his escape – nor did the sliminess and the “sulfurous smell, like rotten eggs” of the hippo’s belly make it any more pleasant.

It made me think about the sweet little wooden hippo that sits on my coffee table – a wedding present brought back from Africa by a friend. That thing is so cute, but apparently misleads me into thinking hippos are harmless. What next – do pandas and puppies have violent, people-eating tendencies too? Needless to say, this only further confirms that I am not a safari-vacation kind of girl… I’ll stick to the beach where the biggest threat is a rogue seagull.

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