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Live Like Royalty in Bel-Air marlo marketing

Live Like Royalty in Bel-Air

Image Source: Airbnb

In a smart combination of nostalgia marketing and unique Airbnb experiences, it was recently announced that the infamous Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion opened to visitors, “hosted” by Will Smith himself! “The Fresh Prince” we all came to love in the 90’s sitcom recently combined his Philly roots with some Bel-Air swag to create an authentic, limited time experience. Think posh interiors to lounge around in with Philly cheese steaks served on silver platters, for only $30 a night.

The first time this mansion aired on television was back in 1990, and it reopened for five separate one-night stays this month in honor of the hit show’s 30th anniversary. Guests (who were required to be LA residents and occupy the same household, because, COVID), were given access to Will’s wing of the mansion, the pool, lounge and closet stocked with iconic clothing worn on set. A collection of Air Jordan’s lined a wall, while a basketball hoop was mounted in the bedroom for practice before heading outside to the poolside court.

One of the best parts? No cooking required. All meals were delivered via socially distanced butler service.

The partnership with Airbnb coincided with Smith’s announcement of a Banks Family Reunion hosted by HBO Max, for the many of us who won’t be “chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool” at the iconic mansion. What do we have to say about all of the millennial-friendly marketing tactics popping up in honor of milestone anniversaries?! Keep ’em comin’!

Posted by Michaela