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Living Off the Grid Can Be More Glamourous Than You Think

Living Off the Grid Can Be More Glamourous Than You Think

Image Source: Ecocapsule

Ever felt compelled to live more simply or go off the grid for a while? I’m fairly certain we all have at one point in our lives. Watching hour upon hour of “Tiny House Hunters” or “Tiny House, Big Living” is easily one of my favorite things to on a cozy weekend in. Sometimes I just think the people on the show are crazy (claustrophobia, much?!) and sometimes I imagine myself living the simple life in a tiny abode on the side of a mountain.

When I discovered that a Slovak company called NICE & WISE is launching Ecocapsule, a self-sustainable micro home, my thoughts about living the tiny house life went from daydreams to a more attainable reality. The “pods” are powered by solar and wind (if there happens to be no sun or wind it can power for four days), and it collects rainwater and filters it into drinking water. The 120 square foot Ecocapsules include plenty of storage space, a couch that folds into a double bed, an area for a workstation, a waterless toilet system (don’t really wanna know how this works) and a small kitchen area. Basically, all you need to live that #goodlife.

The best part is, it can go pretty much anywhere (as long as you have permission from the landowner) and doesn’t require a building permit.

If I haven’t sold you yet, check out the website to see all the amenities. For us Americans, they start at around $98k, excluding the cost to ship it here. Only 50 are being made this year, and then the company guarantees a lower price in the future. So, basically, this could be a very real thing that many people may own one day.

Here is to a sustainable, simple future!

Posted by Erin D.