Location: Probably by the Food

Since she emerged on the Hollywood scene Anna Kendrick has been a guiding beacon to many young girls (myself included). From her off-beat and slightly neurotic persona in “Up in the Air,” to her semi-annoying (if we’re being honest) but oh so typical teenage girl role in Twilight, and finally her too-cool-for-school – but everyone still wants to be her friend because she can bust out a cappella “No Diggity” on the spot – demeanor in “Pitch Perfect, it was inevitable that she would be a fast role model for tweens and millennials across the globe.

Yet, it wasn’t her performance in any of these films that solidified my love for her – no no – it’s her cut to the quick, oh too true Twitterisms. Besides her Twitter bio which clearly states her location as “probably by the food” (aka #girlaftermyownheart  #whyarentwebesties), her daily musings on life are enough to make you rethink how 140 characters should be used. If these gems don’t convert you to a lover of all things Anna Kendrick then you clearly wouldn’t be cool enough to be her friend anyway.

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Not sold yet…check out her Twitter account first hand. Never seen a celebrity Twitter account before? It’s just like yours but funnier!

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