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Coughed Up: The Louboutin Fur Ball

Coughed Up: The Louboutin Fur Ball

You can spot a pair of Louboutins from a mile away by their signature red soles. Now the shoe maven has added another standout look to his repertoire — a fur ball. A $1,395 fur ball to be exact. The Eden Vision Fur Ball Clutch is accented by a long shoulder chain and shoe kisslock, lined in Louboutin red, made entirely of mink, and spherically shaped, making it quite literally a fur ball. Measuring a mere 6 x 6 inches, this bag makes the perfect-sized companion to take to parties on those nights you want to trade your Chanel Wallet on a Chain for something a little more soft and cuddly. Pick up your own today at Saks and give a special furry friend the loving home it deserves!

Posted by Lindsay