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Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage

Let me be the first one to say that I love weddings. And while I’m not that crazy girl with Pinterest accounts detailing my “one day wedding” aspirations (promise), I am known to be a bit sentimental and may have once been to a wedding where friends bet on when I would get teary eyed…I can’t help it that I just LOVE love and I mean, besides celebrating the couple, what is better than a really good band and an open bar? I’m pretty sure nothing.

I’m no Katherine Heigl in “27 Dresses” and have only actually been in two weddings, but I have probably been to close to that many (or more) if I bothered to count them all over the past five+ years – and they’re still coming! As someone with major wanderlust, weddings are a great excuse to get away for a weekend (keep booking them in cool destinations, friends!). This past summer I celebrated my sister’s in Providence, attended an old co-worker’s in the Hamptons, and crossed the pond to cheers friends who tied the knot in London. Looking ahead –  I have a guy friend’s in Philly next weekend, followed by my sister’s husband’s brother’s (follow that one?) wedding on the Jersey Shore this New Year’s Eve. Already in 2014 there is my cousin’s wedding in Chicago, a college friend’s in Pittsburg, and a NYC friend’s in Hoboken in June. In the past I’ve flown to Cabo, Panama, and Puerto Rico for nuptials – as well as Manhattan Beach, CA, NYC, North Carolina, Boston, NJ, Newport, the Cape, Baltimore, Connecticut, Hershey, PA…and that’s just what’s coming to me off the top of my head!

That said, the other day a friend  shared with me the brilliance of Aziz Ansari on imagining if the institution of marriage didn’t exist and how crazy it would sound:


And while I know that when it’s my turn to walk down the aisle, I will be doing it for more than tax purposes, ya gotta admit that the man does have a point!

Posted by Laura