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Love for Les Mis

Love for Les Mis

While I was never in theater in high school, I love going to plays – especially musicals. I have had a love affair with Les Misérables since the second grade, when my mom popped in the cassette tape (this was in the late 80’s when those were still around) one afternoon after picking my sister and I up from school, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My favorite song was “Lovely Ladies” — you know, the song about prostitution that is totally appropriate to go around singing as an eight year old!

My obsession with this soundtrack has stayed strong all these years, though my taste in songs has changed and “On My Own” has replaced “Lovely Ladies” as my #1 Les Mis choice. Who knew I shared this fondness with two of my favorite actors, Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segal, who performed a stellar version of “The Confrontation” on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio recently. Apparently they would get into it often on the set of HIMYM – which makes them all the more awesome in my book.

I think the movie would have been much better with these two in it! And Jason, if you happen to read this ­– call me!

Posted by Laura