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Love is in the Air?

Love is in the Air?

Talk about speed dating! The airline industry’s latest gimmick to get us on board…AIR New Zealand has launched the lonelyhearts flight for LA singles looking for a little ‘lift’ in the romance department. Passengers submit dating profiles, attend a pre-flight fete at LAX and enjoy themed food, drink and entertainment for the flight, ultimately landing at the “Great Matchmaking Ball” in Auckland. An interesting approach these Kiwis have taken, though I do have a million logistical questions. Mainly, Seat assignments? How the hell does that work? What if you like 24B, but are stuck between 14A and C!? Guy/Girl/Guy/Girl? No thank you. And, how do you account for those insanely impractical three seat rows – hmmm…maybe not so impractical, after all! Lastly, I would not want to be waiting in line for the bathroom on this flight, can we say Mile High Club?!

As I read about this relatively moronic marketing ploy I was reminded of a newspaper article I read years back about the last car on the London Underground’s Central Line being donned the “singles” car. Hop on and who knows who’ll be gettin’ off with you at High Street. I understand that it’s not easy meeting the perfect partner and I’m not even single, so what do I know anyway? However, I do find these desperate attempts at scoring a date just that – desperate. I have plenty of friends who have turned to Match, J-Date and even Manhunt to pair off, and I’ve seen the horror show of high-powered matchmakers charging close to $200,000 for a mate. Let’s not even go there. Apparently these methods work, but I’ve yet to meet one of those happy couples.

If I was giving my two cents (which I am, it is my blog post after all!), I’d say forego the pricey airfare, close that icky e-harmony account, choose whatever subway car you like and simply put yourself out there as much as possible (oh, and make sure you look hot!). I think about the number of bizarre and serendipitous encounters I make simply walking the streets at lunchtime…if you’re out and about, happy and self-assured, the right lad or lady will take notice for sure! Now, please put your seats in the upright position and prepare for takeoff.

Posted by Sam