Love Locked-Down

Hopeless romantics, get your tissues ready – this news might be a little rough. You’re probably familiar with the Pont des Arts in Paris (aka one of the most romantic cities in the world). Not ringing a bell?  Well, today, it’s better known as the “lock bridge,” and you probably remember it from the Instagram pictures you couldn’t avoid when your friend went on a dream vacay to Paris with her SO and you promised yourself Scarlett O’Hara-style (“As God is my witness…!”) you, too, would one day share your true love with the world by locking a Master Lock to a bridge in Paris!

Image source  Buzzfeed

Hate to break it to you, but if you haven’t locked your love already, you’re going to have to find another bridge – the locks have officially been taken down permanently. As it turns out, love doesn’t feel weightless. It’s pretty darn heavy.

Locking your love works like this: if you and someone you love engrave your initials onto a padlock, secure that lock to the Pont des Arts, and then throw the key into the Seine, you will be together forever. Simple. Endless love for the price of a padlock and a plane ticket. Personally, I think it’s BS that a little chunk of metal meant for personal security could have any effect on my love life. But then again, who am I to argue with the French when it comes to anything romantic?

Problem is, it’s been overloaded with so many locks (about 45 tons) that the bridge was falling down.  The city had to do something and, you guessed it — it was bye-bye romantic gestures and hello, plexiglass paneling (cute, right?). I guess you can still try to lock your love on the other bridges on the Seine though…because if you don’t Insta your love lock, did you even go to Paris?


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