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Introducing the m.onday deal

Introducing the m.onday deal

January, 2005: marlo monthly
January, 2009:
January, 2010: m.onday deals

Yep, we’re at it again! The launch of our award-winning newsletter, marlo monthly, started it all. Last year we started, our daily musings on current events, fashion, food, travel and whatever else interests us. And now, we launch m.onday deals, our version of those crazy opportunities to buy great things at ridiculously low prices.

Here’s how it works:

• Visit ( every Monday to see the latest m.onday deal. Our deals only come out once a week, always on Mondays.
• All fine print is there, in black and white. You’ll know what the offer is quickly and easily.
• Take advantage of the offer by following the instructions; either making a phone call, sending an email or logging onto a website. Easy peasey.
• If you want to make sure you don’t forget to check it out, you can sign up to receive in your mailbox daily (sorry, we can’t just send m.onday deals) by clicking here. While posts from the rest of the week won’t offer ridiculous deals, it doesn’t mean what you’ll read won’t be ridiculously funny, sad, poignant or disgusting.

And just in case you’re curious about how m.onday deals differ from the others:

• We don’t take a commission from the sale, so you can be sure the prices you pay are as low as they can possibly go.
• You buy directly through our clients—no 3rd party middleman to deal with.
• None of your friends are interested? No problem! Our deals are good even if only one person in the whole wide world wants to take advantage of them!
• You don’t have to sign up to receive annoying emails every day to learn about these deals.

So that’s it. Pretty straightforward…just like us! And now, the first ever m.onday deal:


m.onday deal – SalonCapri

This economy has made it hard to keep one resolution—beautiful, root- and gray-free hair. Whether it’s single process or a more elaborate highlight job, that shit’s expensive. And don’t even talk to us about those horrid drugstore “Because I’m worth it” home-coloring brands—the amount of coin you’re gonna have to pay to fix orange hair makes them a scruples-less hair stylist’s wet dream. So when it’s a choice between paying the electric bill or getting our hair professionally-colored…hello roots!

Not anymore. SalonCapri, the only official L’Oreal Professional Hair Center in Massachusetts, is making it easy to have your heat…and hair color, too! They’re offering a package of 3 single-process hair color treatments for only $105.00. That’s $35.00 per professional color treatment, a savings of over $200.00. Hell, even if you’re not afraid of orange hair, this option may be cheaper than doing it at home!


  • Packages must be bought by Friday, January 8, 2010
  • Junior stylists only (hey, just because they’re young, doesn’t mean they’re not good. Plus, owner Nick has a watchful eye)
  • Appointments can only be booked Monday – Thursdays
  • Certificates must be used by July 1, 2010
  • Only one package per person


  • Call SalonCapri at 617-969-1970 to buy your package over the phone