Just Another Day at the Office

Mad MenConfession: I am the world’s worst television viewer. I live and die by DVR (and go into nervous convulsions when I hear nasty rumors about such blasphemous atrocities as “DVR-proof TV shows”). I tend to watch a lot of television on mute (especially awkward when watching TV Diner—a pile of greasy cheese fries never looked more erotic when panned over slowly through a soft-focus lens—it’s downright food porn). And I never—never—give a new show a chance.

Case in point: Mad Men.

About to embark on its third season come August, I’ve just discovered this little misogynistic, booze-fueled gem. With the first two seasons On Demand, I am free to come and go as I please into the early-‘60s world of chain smoking, high-powered ad execs. As a woman, I’m not really sure why I love this show so much—the aforementioned “mad men” of the advertising world do nothing but booze on the job, rip unfiltered butts with abandon and cheat on their wives. A woman’s wholesome dream come true!

But every time I watch an episode, I can’t help but to imagine what my work world would be like if it was just the tiniest bit similar to that of Sterling/Cooper’s. In the place of designer jeans, I’d be rockin’ high-waisted pencil skirts and spectator heels. Instead of Kashi bars and a box of mint tea, my desk drawers would be stuffed to the brim with rocks glasses and bottles of Jack Daniels. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a productive day at the office, no?

So, despite my all-girls school mentality about “how far we’ve come,” I can’t help but to wish things were just a little bit old-fashioned. And I’m not just saying that because of the 10 a.m. drinking. I swear.

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