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Magic Eight Ball, What Will Go Down in 2016?

Magic Eight Ball, What Will Go Down in 2016?

Image Source Reddit

As far as 2015 goes, it has undoubtedly had its highs and lows. While everyone loves a good ‘Year In Review’ post, I’ll leave that for a poetry jam sesh. I’m the kind of person who likes to look ahead, so here are some of my predictions of 2016:

Left Shark For President: While the two parties are practically at a stalemate for viable candidates, Left Shark poorly dances past the other opponents into the White House and our hearts. Left Shark 2016!!

Taylor Swift Drops A Rap Album: Move over Drake, I have a feeling that Taylor, I mean T-Swizzy, will break out with a new sound (Despite the relentless pleas of her Squad advising her otherwise…).

Image Source HuffingtonPost

Hulu and Commitment: For all those who found their perfect Netflix and Chill partner, we see a huge influx in Hulu subscriptions as they move into the next phase of their relationship.

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Cookie Monster and Cookie Lyons release a new fragrance: Hint: it smells like cookies and fierceness all wrapped up in one

Image Source AFH

A few bumps in the road predicted, but  for the most part I’d say we’re on the upswing for 2016!


Posted by Katharine