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Image source THEUNSEEN

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with your hair color, you know that sometimes you have to sacrifice the health of your locks to get the look you want. But what if your hair could change color on its own?

Enter FIRE, a color-changing hair dye by Lauren Bowker that transforms the color of your ‘do with the powers of thermochromatic ink. Depending on the temperature of your environment, your hair can be black, red, blue, silver or yellow. And if you decide that your new unicorn locks are too cray for your nine-to-five, no worries – the dye only lasts a few washes.

Launching by Bowker’s company THEUNSEEN at London Fashion Week in partnership with Storm Models later this year, FIRE is not yet on the market, but according to the website, the brand is looking for commercial partners to get the innovative product on store shelves.

Check out this video to see how the dye works, and cross your fingers that it makes it to your local CVS soon!


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