Magic Lips

Was anyone else obsessed with mood rings? I mean, really, an accessory that constantly changes hues to give your outfit a different pop of color…what more could you ask for?

Well, folks, according to the November issue of InStyle, Givenchy is launching a black – yes, you heard me right – lipstick that changes colors when it’s applied to your lips. Hello, amazing! The color, named Liv’s Lips, is inspired by and named after Liv Tyler, who is the brand’s spokeswoman.

While this lipstick isn’t exactly magic, it’s definitely cool. The hue adjusts depending on your body’s pH and InStyle lets us in on a little secret…if you want a deeper color, lick your lips before you apply because it will produce a higher pH.

Here’s to hoping my pout turns a very berry blush…ya know, to go with my mood ring.

Posted by Alyssa

Image source VOGUE PARIS

Posted By: marketingmarlo

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