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Make Them Visible

Make Them Visible

Each morning when I walk to work in the Back Bay, I am surrounded by the juxtaposition of homeless people sitting by Gucci, Burberry and Kate Spade. While there are a few “regulars”, the man who repeats “spare quartah please” or the small woman who dances around singing, “do you have a dollar?” (with her voice getting higher and higher each time), I never have taken the time to look these people in the eyes. In fact, I try and look the other way every time I see a homeless person for the fear of the immense guilt that overcomes my body each time I see someone wrapped in an old blanket on a cold New England day. Yes, I am an awful person because of this, but unfortunately I am not the only one.

New York Rescue Mission recognized that when the general public sees homeless people, they tend to look the other way rather than lend a helping hand. In order to bring attention to the issue, they ran a social experiment which resulted in this powerful video. You must watch this — a minute into the video and I already had chills.

It took this scary, yet inspiring video to help me remember that the sad faces lining the streets of Boston are human beings with emotions and needs just like you and me. I ask you to share this video with as many people as you can. It is time that we make the invisible visible.

Posted by Christina