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Forget Casual Fridays — It’s Make-up Free Mondays!

Forget Casual Fridays — It’s Make-up Free Mondays!

Recently one of my favorite beauty sites, The Beauty Bean, started a movement called “Make-up Free Mondays”, where, you guessed it — people are encouraged to not wear make-up on Mondays. AHHHHH!!

In an effort to promote natural beauty (ala Jessica Simpson on the cover of Marie Claire’s May issue), The Beauty Bean’s founder, Alexis Wolfer, is asking her readers to take off the foundation, say bye, bye to the mascara and sigh…make a commitment to not blow-dry their hair. If you can’t go cold turkey — eliminate one step of your beauty routine each new week until you build up your ability to step out of your house sans make-up.

In theory, this is a great way to both liberate and inspire women. In reality, it’s a tad scary for those of us who religiously wear make-up each day. I’m sure many people are thinking the same thing as me, “I don’t want to scare co-workers with my dark circles after a weekend well-spent!”

Everyone from 92.3 NOW, New York’s hit music channel, to the Orlando Sentinel is jumping on the bandwagon of Make-up Free Mondays and doing their part to promote the movement.  Perhaps then, it’s true, less is really more….

Will you go make-up free next Monday?

Posted by Alyssa