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A Makeshift Halloween To Remember

A Makeshift Halloween To Remember

Image source Twitter

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most spirited participant of Halloween. It has never really been my thing. However, that does not mean I don’t appreciate the valiant efforts of others as they creatively and strategically plan their costumes and celebrations. Amid all the stories and coverage of Halloween this year, my absolute favorite (besides Jimmy Kimmel’s notorious “I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy”) was this article about a little girl who went trick-or-treating on her flight from Boston to California.

Stephanie Kahan, a Boston local and passenger on the flight, tweeted about what was happening, and it immediately spread throughout the inter-webz. She posted a photo of the note the little girl’s father passed around to all passengers along with candy to put in her bag, and an image of the little girl walking down the aisle trick-or-treating. After only a few hours, thousands of people had reacted to, shared, and swooned over the cuteness overload.

What makes this whole Halloween-on-a-plane experience so heart-warming is not all due to the fact that the little girl is so adorable (and dressed as a donut!), but that the passengers and the girl’s father all did this with enthusiasm and delight. The restoration of faith within humanity shines through in the simple gesture of participating in this little girl’s experience, and makes everyone who witnesses it feel better about our society in this day and age.

What I took from this simple gesture becoming an Internet sensation is that when we do good things, people will listen and people will react. Little acts can spread far and wide (especially with the help of the Internet) and I can continue to believe that people are inherently good.

Posted by Ally A.