Can I Have My Own Mario?

Kim KardashianI am always amazed at those “Celebrities with and without Make-up” photo match ups that I see in the gossip mags. There are clearly make-up artists out there who have an uncanny ability to take a woman from blah to jaw-dropping in an hour or so. Make-up artistry is a God-given talent and the actresses and models in L.A. and NYC are lucky ladies! There are make-up folks out there that really are THAT good. I guess if I was being followed by the paparazzi on a daily basis I’d probably invest some disposable income for my own on-call make-up artist too (Side note: Income that you use to hire another human being to apply make-up to your face clearly deserves the word “disposable” in front of it!).

My favorite make-up artist of the moment is Mario Dedivanovic, out of L.A. Right now he’s one of Kim Kardashian’s make-up artists and, with her help, his popularity has increased ten-fold in a very short time. Say what you want about Kim K – there’s no denying that the gal is gorgeous. She has amazing facial features that really enable Mario to have some serious fun when it comes to her make-up looks for photo shoots, appearances and general paparazzi-induced public strolls around L.A. I regularly check out Mario’s blog and I’ve watched his video tutorials. I’ve jotted down notes on some of his fave beauty products (Nars blush in “Desire” and B-Dazzle highlighter by Giella, for example) and I am just so impressed with him! If you know how I can get my hands on my own version of Mario here in Boston, let me know where to find him!

Posted by Brianne

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