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MAC cosmetics is known for tapping celebrities for its line, from Christina Aguilera to Rhianna to Lorde. And this September, Springfield’s favorite housewife will debut hers. Yes, Marge Simpson of “The Simpsons” is getting her own MAC collection. ¡Ay, caramba!

Celebrating the show’s staggering 25th anniversary, the cosmetics inspired by the blue beehive-sporting beauty will be available for a limited time.

So what can we expect from the new Marge Simpson-curated make-up line?  Yellow foundation and gallons of hairspray? Maybe we should consult “The Simpsons” archives for a clue into her glamour philosophy:

I’ve dug myself into a happy little rut here and I’m not about to hoist myself out of it.

Marge has remained true to her classic look for a quarter of a century.  Expect clean, timeless colors (though blue would be no surprise here).

What did I say about pointing out the meaninglessness of things?

Practicality is key in the Marge Simpson universe. Body glitter and false eyelashes are probably too over-the-top for her.

What to do now? Too crazy to go outside; not crazy enough to have imaginary friends. 

Marge has an unpredictable streak every now and then, so we may see some bits of flair here and there, like bold lip hues.

See you other Simpsons fans in line at the MAC counter in September!

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