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It’s Prime Time for Some Stay-Put Shadow!

It’s Prime Time for Some Stay-Put Shadow!

The PR industry comes with a lot of perks – one of these perks is being invited to more events than I can schedule into my little week-day planner. Most of the events take place right after work so a lot of us here at mm/c pack a change of clothes (if the occasion calls for something dressy) and a make-up bag. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll pop into the bathroom at 6pm and realize that the make-up I applied that morning has virtually disappeared. I’m really talking about my eye make-up here – if it’s not gone from my eyelids it’s totally creased and messy. Ahh – this irks me – but it’s good to know I’m obviously not the only one!

The latest big push from make-up brands is the primer. All the beauty brands have introduced some sort of foundation or eyelid primer and I have more samples from Sephora than I can use up! Recently I decided my eyelids needed a primer so I did some blogger research and found lots of ladies-in-the-know recommending one by Urban Decay – their Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It’s been a couple of weeks and I must tell you all that this is it – my new favorite addition to my huge-ass tool box of make-up. It truly makes my eye shadow stay-put and, for those of you who like shimmer on the lids, it actually makes the shimmer look better too. My only disappointment in this product is the packaging. That angled applicator brush is not necessary – it doesn’t help the application process much since you really smear a little bit on your eyelids and blend it in with you fingertips anyway.

So, all in all, give it a try. Not only is it a huge timesaver, it’s just plain cool.

Available at Sephora or for $17 (the sheer nude color is the one I bought).

Posted by Brianne