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Making it Work (From Home)

work from home

Making it Work (From Home)

Image Source: CNN

The world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks, and with the changes in our everyday lives due to the coronavirus pandemic have come, for many of us, changes in the way we work. If you’re like us and are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, you may be coping with anxiety, isolation and worries about what the future will look like. You’re likely trying to stay up to date on the current restrictions, trying to stay stocked up on the essentials and (hopefully) remaining at a safe distance from others.

Working from home comes with some positives (ahem, working in sweatpants), but also has its own set of challenges. We’ve put together some helpful ways to keep yourself on track and ease some of the tensions that are inevitable at a time like this.

  1. DON’T reach for your phone first thing when you wake up. Instead, DO take a minute to stretch and meditate before starting your day.
  2. DO take a shower and change clothes (even if you change into a different sweatpants and hoodie combo) to try to keep your routine as normal as possible.
  3. DO set up a dedicated work space and set boundaries for yourself and your housemates (or anyone who you are working from home with).
  4. DO regulate working hours. Set a timer for how long you should work and how long your breaks should be (it might be a little too easy to get sucked into projects or the constant news updates). Keeping the same working hours will make the transition back into work easier.
  5. Along the same lines, DO take breaks, take walks and take time to talk (virtually) to colleagues and friends about non-work related things.
  6. DON’T surround yourself with constant news updates. Instead, DO unplug from the media from time to time and think about things you are grateful for in the moment, regardless of the current situation.
  7. DON’T panic about the future or unknown. DO think of ways you can become better from this situation and how you can help others through it.
  8. DO finish that project you started months ago, make that delicious dish you saw on Tasty, work out, clean your makeup brushes, unsubscribe from those unwanted email lists, etc. However, DON’T feel like you need to be doing something productive at all times.
  9. DO communicate with family, friends and colleagues. We’re all experiencing varying amounts of stress and are in isolated environments, which is not always optimal for our mental health. Take some time to talk things through with people and be reminded that you aren’t alone.

This is a surreal and difficult time, so it’s important that we stay connected and remember that we’re in this together. Stay safe and be well!

Posted by Katerina & Lucy