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Making the Case for the Unmade Bed

Making the Case for the Unmade Bed

Image source BBC

I wake up every morning and, as soon as my feet hit the ground, I begin making my bed. Tighten fitted sheet, re-tuck loose sheet, straighten comforter, fluff sleeping pillows, add decorative pillows in pre-determined order, and finish with fuzzy throw blanket, neatly folded at the bottom of the bed. I won’t leave my room until it’s made.

I catch a lot of flak from my boyfriend for this morning ritual. His bed gets made bi-monthly if we’re lucky and no, it’s not by me. He’s a grown a$$ man who can take care of that sh*t. To say that he enjoys pointing out when my mild, anal retentive behavior is doing me no favors would be putting it lightly. So, he basically rubbed my nose in a recent article about how making your bed might actually be detrimental to your health.

Now, normally when he confronts me with something, I find any loop hole to negate its actual importance and continue enjoying my life the way it is. Unfortunately for me (and my pride) this situation is different; there is scientific proof to back up this claim.

So, here is why you might not want to start your day by pulling up those covers (disclaimer: sh*t’s about to get gross). As an article from the BBC points out, there can be up to 1.5 million, that’s MILLION, house dust mites on the AVERAGE bed…sleep on that! (See what I did there.) Wait, it gets better! These teeny, tiny bugs love to eat your skin cells and produce allergens, which we inhale while sleeping. Thus, an unmade bed is healthier for you, due to when you make your bed, especially immediately upon rising, (guilty) you are trapping these little hell bugs in a warm and moisture ridden environment (a.k.a their ideal home!). Leaving your bed unmade deprives them of the moisture that is vital to their survival and eventually they meet their demise (bye b*tch!).

At this point my life re-evaluation is in full swing. I feel like calling my grandmother and telling her the news but I fear her 80 year old heart won’t be able to take such a routine crushing fact. I mean, what was the use of me learning how to tuck military-style square corners on my bed before I mastered the rabbit ears technique of tying my shoes…NONE, THERE WAS NONE!

Image source Apartmenttherapy

Overall, I have learned two, maybe three very hard things this week. One, my boyfriend was right. Two, there are things that eat my skin when I sleep. Three, the saying, “out with the old and in with the new” should have a larger place in my life. #thestruggleisreal

Posted by Chelsea