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Mamma Mia!

Image Source: Frida Mom

Ask 100 moms about their post-delivery experience, and you’ll get a 100 different answers. Mayhem. Magical. Messy. More than likely, a combination of all of the above. But the one thing that they’ll probably all agree on is that despite the onslaught of marketing geared toward new moms for their babies, the products specifically designed for new moms that don’t involve baby (a.k.a. bottles and designer nursing scarves don’t count), are woefully limited.

Enter Frida Mom, a new line of postpartum recovery products designed to embrace post-bambino-birthing realness in a way that’s far more Chrissy Teigen than Kate Middleton. For those of you blissfully unaware of the perils joys aftermath of giving birth, let’s just say there are a host of pains and sprains where there previously were none…and despite the fact that the experience is universal, the conversation around this life stage’s needs is fairly limited because it involves bodily functions (gasp!), scars (egad!) and decidedly unattractive undergarments (oh the horror)!

Kudos to Chelsea Hirschhorn, the CEO of Frida Mom parent company, Frida Baby, who has three kids under the age of six herself and realized that this underserved maternal market deserved way more than just hospital freebies to address their immediate physical needs. As such, she set out to create pro-mama, post-birth products at accessible price points, which was only half the battle. The next step was working directly with retailers such as Target to create an entirely new in-store section dedicated to postpartum recovery…a much needed category that simply didn’t exist in the aisle before. And with that, an exciting new era for modern day mothers was born.

As Frida Mom products continue to roll out to an enthusiastic target audience, this launch is a great reminder that necessity truly is the mother of invention.

Posted by Karen