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Man, You’re Hansome

Man, You’re Hansome

It seems that male waxing has been inching ever closer to being “the norm” than the taboo concept it was in the past. About a year and a half ago, I gave you all a peek* at the increasing popularity of the “brozilian.” Now, a recent feature in The New York Times officially moves the male bikini wax from the domain of the gays and the metros to the “yea, that’s totally normal bro.” It seems that no matter the dude’s sexuality, politics or religion, a vast majority of guys today are comfortable in joining the fairer sex in going bare down there.

Beyond their nether regions, guys of late have generally become pretty concerned with their appearance, so much so that cultural docu-king Morgan Spurlock has even made this the topic of his latest film. Mansome takes a look at male grooming, complete with commentary from the hilarious Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, among others. It’ll be in select theaters starting May 18th. Movie or educational opportunity…you be the judge.

* While I’ve declared my personal opinion about manscaping in the past, I do have one amendment to it: Please, guys, skip the pejazzling. It may be cute or sassy for a woman to dazzle her lady bits with crystals, but there’s absolutely no place for a sparkly star or dolphin above your package.

Posted by Haley

Image source Sean-Inc.