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There’s a hilarious scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary where Renee Zellweger and Hugh Grant first hook up, only for him to discover the hideous, albeit slimming, granny pants she has on underneath her dress. This has been an issue women have had to deal with for decades. As a former Victoria’s Secret sales girl during my college years, I’ve seen it all — bras that lift, underwear that sucks, tanks that slim. We do the silliest things to look better both for ourselves and for men.

Well, the playing field just evened out.

Introducing body shaping undergarments for men! Equmen, a Sydney-based company, “uses the latest high-performance technologies and state-of-the-art designs” to slim and lift various parts of the male form “from street to sport, work to weekend.” Whether you feel as if your beer belly needs a little tuck, or those man boobs need a little flattening, or your butt needs some help defying gravity, Equmen is your new go-to. Did I mention that these products boast the ability to support posture, define muscles, and even control temperature? And, let’s not forget the precision-fit pouch, too! Yowza…

Three everyday guys gave the products a shot in the San Francisco area, and they were all pleasantly surprised with the results. One even commented, “I felt my whole body go “whooo fun,” and when a woman walked by on the street, she commented, “He looked like he could get the job done in those.”

So says the Equmen mission statement: “Proudly Supporting Men of the World”.

[Pun intended?]

Posted by Haley