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Marathon Madness

Marathon Madness

Have I mentioned that I’m running the 113th annual Boston Marathon? As I write this, I’m actually looking out onto Boylston Street as they repaint the finish line in its signature gold and blue, and set up all sorts of barricades that will surely cause thousands of people endless irritation and inconvenience over the next couple of days. But I love Marathon Monday, and always have. Even when I was a carefree college co-ed, standing on the sidelines, screaming booze-fueled encouragement to the thousands of athletes that passed me by, I knew this was a day that was truly unique to us Bostonians, and that there was nothing else quite like it in other cities. A recreational runner for years, I longed to someday truly be a part of the action and, like so many others, I found myself spectating while simultaneously promising myself that “next year” would be the year for me. This exercise went on for about 4 years, until one year, I got my hands on a number courtesy of RESPOND, Inc., New England’s oldest domestic violence organization; after years of smack talk, I finally decided to (try and) back it up, and 2 years later, I’m running my third marathon (again, for RESPOND). I guess my point is that anything is possible (ask my husband who, despite the fact that he’s a former competitive tennis player, has never considered himself to be too much of a runner, and he’s running his very first marathon this year), and Marathon Monday is one of those special days that reminds you of just that.

Posted by Nicole