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Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt?

Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt?

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Have you seen Brad Pitt’s new Chanel no. 5 commerical? What am I saying, of course you have! It has been all over television and the Internet, and not all the press it has been getting is positive. (If you haven’t seen it, click here.) Brad is the first male spokesperson for the perfume, following the lead of iconic females like Marilyn Monroe and Nicole Kidman.

If you are wondering what his smug, philosophical babble actually means, you’ve got me. The first time I saw it I actually rewinded it and watched it again. (I think the first time I was too busy staring into his sad-looking puppy eyes to really listen.) After a second time, I still was pretty clueless as to what he is actually talking about (“But wherever I go.. there you are.” There WHAT is – the scent of this perfume?)

Anyway, from a marketing point-of-view (obvi) this commercial is highly successful. It may not have given off the vibe that was originally intended by the ad’s copywriters, and it may not have much to do with buying perfume at all, but it got the brand a huge amount of attention (and right before the holidays, to boot!). Furthermore, it got me, someone who prefers to DVR a show and watch it later to fast forward through commercials, to actually rewind a commercial. Kudos, Karl Lagerfeld, kudos.

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As I said before, not all press surrounding this viral sensation was positive and several parodies (most of which seem to be good-hearted), surfaced. My favorites are:

  1. These two from SNL (How a high-end perfume is turned into a Taco Bell parody is beyond me.)
  2. This one from Conan O’Brien (Come on, you know you laughed a little.)
  3. This masterpiece by The Pet Collective

Getting mocked all over the internet has its perks – Brad Pitt made seven million dollars from this commercial. Let that sink in for a moment.