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Who Knew Your Fridge Could Talk?

Who Knew Your Fridge Could Talk?

Some believe you can learn a lot about a person based on their CD and DVD collections. As I’ve recently discovered, if you want a glimpse into someone’s life, pilfering through their music and movies isn’t the only way.  Apparently, what’s in your fridge not only affects how your clothes fit, but can really say a lot about you.

Mark Menjivar, a photographer from Texas, has taken this idea and run with it by taking photographs of the contents of people’s fridges over a three-year period. His collection, entitled You Are What You Eat, takes a look into the very personal food choices of people across the US. As he states in his artist’s notes:  …the more I began to think about the foods we consume and the effects they have on us as individuals and communities. An intense curiosity and questions about stewardship led me to begin to make these unconventional portraits. Portraits include the fridge of a street advertiser who lives on a $432 fixed monthly income that contains nothing but a questionable yellow jar and a black plastic bag; a midwife/middle school science teacher packed with fresh fruit and veggies; a carpenter from Texas with a freezer stocked with bags of meat and José Cuervo; and a bartender whose daily routine involves going to bed at 8:00am and waking up at 4:00pm and—from the looks of his fridge—clearly isn’t into home-cooked meals.

As I click my way through his online portfolio, I can’t help but wonder…what does my fridge say about me?

Posted by Lori