March 2005

In this month’s marlo monthly for March 2005, St. Patrick’s Day: Hard Core or Just Chillin’, Under the Sea, Organically, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar and Helping Cancer Survivors, One Blossom at a Time.


March in New England. A glimmer of hope that winter is nearly behind us, yet the continuing cold and seemingly never-ending snow makes it hard to be optimistic that warm weather will ever arrive. Basically, the perfect mindset for curling up indoors with hot cocoa and the remote.

If you feel like venturing out, however, you won’t be disappointed. March brings St. Patrick’s Day; below you’ll read about two of the most authentically hip celebrations in town. If you can’t seem to escape the odor of fried seafood next week, don’t worry–you’re not hallucinating about dreams of summer, complete with sensory memories of fried clams on the Cape! You’re just smelling the side effects of the 23rd annual International Boston Seafood Show–the largest and most influential seafood show in North America. Read below to find out how you can be a part of the festivities. Finally, as dreary as March is, soon April, May & June will be here, and we give you a sneak peek at what’s coming down the proverbial pike.

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