November 2005

In this month’s marlo monthly for November 2005, Battle of the Lawyers, Hair…er….Home Depot, Savenor’s Does Thanksgiving, EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW: RENT and Red Bicyclette…Part Deux!


We’re still more than two weeks out to Thanksgiving, more than double that ’til Christmas. Yet, go into any store and you’d think it was December 24th. Holiday music is playing, decorations are hung and gift ideas line the aisles. We learned a long time ago that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, so although a few more weeks of holiday-free madness would be nice, this issue of marlo monthly follows suit. We’ll encourage you to buy your Thanksgiving pies while supporting a worthy cause. Take a break with Leon for a rejuvenating holiday celebration. And Savenor’s, well, when the thought of cooking for the holidays completely overwhelms, there’s no place better to entrust your family’s special meal.

As always, you’ll find this issue of marlo monthly jam-packed with great parties and worthwhile ways to be a part of the community. But our exclusive invitation to catch a sneak peek of Rent a week before it is released is worth the entire marlo monthly subscription fee. Wait…that’s right, marlo monthly is free! Consider it our holiday gift to you, the one that keeps on giving.

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