December 2005

In this month’s marlo monthly for December 2005, the marlo monthly Holiday Gift Guide.


One down, two to go. That’s right folks, with Thanksgiving behind us, we’re a third of the way through the holiday season! But compared with all of the holiday tasks remaining, figuring out how to squeeze a 25-lb bird into a 3×4 oven and have it emerge moist under a golden brown skin moments before twenty of your nearest and dearest take a seat at the table seems like mere child’s play! From holiday cards to hanging lights, cookie decorating to office parties, the month of December is ‘nary own’s own. But if you stop and think, it’s the gift shopping that really takes its toll…particularly if you’re an LMS (last minute shopper). So, you can either join your fellow members of Anti-Shopaholics Anonymous to scour the shelves of 7-11 at 11:30 on Dec. 24 for gifts like beef jerky and a porn mag for dad and a can of Red Bull for granny, or peruse our gift guide, easily broken down by recipient, and ease some of your holiday shopping angst. Your call.

Deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve has also been known to drive folks to drink (or maybe that would have happened anyway…chicken and egg and such). We’ll help out with this choice too, filling you in on some great options to ring in the New Year in style. Finally, from all of us at marlo marketing/communications, thank you for your support in 2005 and wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2006!

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