May 2006

In this month’s marlo monthly for May 2006, White Magic, Nantucket Wine Festival, Meals for Moms and Makeovers for Mammograms.


We get such great feedback from you, our readers, that it truly makes the time-consuming process (trust me–it takes effort to be this entertaining!) of writing marlo monthly a joy. Every now and again, however, even we need a little break. So in the March issue we turned the tables, and looked to you to help us compose our annual Top 10 list of reasons to go to the Nantucket Wine Festival. As we suspected, you didn’t disappoint! We received many a witty response, a number of which made it onto the 2006 list. Check it out, below, to see if yours made the cut.

If Nantucket and wine don’t float your boat, first call your neighborhood shrink to make an appointment to get your head examined. As soon as you hang up the phone, continue reading marlo monthly for Mother’s Day gift suggetions that will wow the women in your life with your thoughtfulness and concern for others, as well as with your impressive knowledge of a certain kind of fetish. (After that set up, how could you not read on!)

Here’s to seeing you on Nantucket!

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