June 2006

In this month’s marlo monthly for June 2006, The Best on the Block~ANYWHERE!, The Baby Shower, Nantucket’s Seasons, An Oxymoronic Tale and Zootopia!2006.


With the passing of Memorial Day weekend, the summer season has officially arrived. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already popped the AC in the window, pulled out the white pants and last (but oh so far from least!) stocked up on a season’s worth of anti-frizz product.

The particularly observant among you have likely noticed that marlo monthly has found its way into your mailboxes earlier than usual this month. That’s because Zootopia! is June 10, and we wanted to give you enough time to find a date, buy a dress or schedule a sitter! However, if the ticket price is a little too steep, come out to the Zoo the following week for “The Baby Shower” instead. Either way, you’re helping to support one of the region’s most important cultural and educational resources.

Also this month, you’ll learn how to eat well no matter where your summer travels take you, and we’ll share the reservations number for Nantucket’s MUST DO restaurant. Finally, as a thank you for being a marlo monthly subscriber, be sure to read to the very end for instructions on how to collect a special summery treat.

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