July 2007

In this month’s marlo monthly for July 2007, Spreadshirt.com, Tanglewood Wine & Food Classic, MegaBeet and Lord of the Wings.


When the thermometer hits 90, there’s no question that summer has arrived. And man, has it ever arrived! Swimming pools, A/C and tall glasses of iced tea keep us humans cool, but ever give any thought to how our animal counterparts beat the heat? You’ll wonder no more after checking out this You Tube video from WBZ News Radio. Who knows, it may even provide some anti-swelter ideas (blood popsicles, anyone?) you can adapt for your own beloved pets!

While we’re not really the bragging types over here at mm/c, as faithful marlo monthly readers we thought you’d like to know that your monthly habit has been validated…again! Yep, we won our 3rd consecutive Bell Ringer award from the Publicity Club of New England for Best Online Magazine/Newsletter last month. And since we’re at it, figured we may as well mention that we also won a Bell for Special Event: Single Campaign for our work with the Franklin Park Zoo last summer and a Merit for the press kit we created for Luvli Juices, whose new beet juice you’ll read about below. Add a couple of ice cubes to a tall frosty glass and we’re sure you’ll agree…healthy, tasty and purple never had it so good!

So enjoy the summer, and read on for lots of useful ways to beat the heat!

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